The Trauma of Job & Financial Distress

In a recent article in the New York Times, the authors discuss the human toll the current recession and job loss causes. The article underscores the hidden side of the unprecedented of the US economic crisis. I see the real world effects each day in my bankruptcy practice (depression, hopelessness, fear, embarrassment). Although bankruptcy is a last resort for families and individuals with overwhelming debt, there is, unfortunately no immediate “fix” to loss of job or even a modest cut in pay. These can only be solved by re-employment or dramatic changes in life style. For example more people are living in RV and camp trailers as an inexpensive (or last resort) housing option. The article mentions that many people are seeking mental health advice, in my experience many suffer in silence. Whether you talk with a counselor, pastor or an attorney, unburdening your fears and embarrassments can result in positive effects.

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